Port State Control

All vessels working in and from Jamaican waters are dependent upon investigation as per the "Delivery Act", 1998, the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Port State Control in the Caribbean Region, and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Procedures on Port State Control, as changed.

The GMA utilizes Inspectors who are appointed Port State Control examination obligations. PSC is the investigation of unfamiliar ships visiting Grenadan seaports to confirm that the state of the ship and its gear follow the necessities of the IMO specialized shows. Grenada is marked as a local Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control, which guarantees examinations are firmly organized with other provincial parts States to take out the activity of unacceptable ships inside the Caribbean.

The Port State Control framework exists to guarantee unfamiliar ships coming to Grenadian ports conform to necessities put down in worldwide shows and law specifically in accordance with the accompanying territories:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Environmental protection
  • Crew welfare

The well-being and activity of a vessel is the obligation of the ship's proprietor and Flag State (the country where the ship is enlisted). The PSC framework supplements this obligation.

Internationally, Port State Control has the accompanying points:

  • Decreasing the number of inadequate vessels going around the globe;
  • Encouraging exchange a way that guarantees wellbeing, security, ecological insurance, and group government assistance are kept up.

The execution of PSC exercises in Grenada is facilitated by the Caribbean MOU on Port State Control and has added to a consistent lessening in the quantity of unacceptable vessels working in the Caribbean locale.