Ships Registration

We register all qualified ships in light of a legitimate concern for any certified proprietor presenting an application for enrollment giving the application can satisfy the necessities of the Shipping Act, 1998, which gives the structure to enlistment.

For straightforwardness, vessels are assembled as :

1. Commercial ships
2. Yachts
3. Ships Under Construction

Inside this gathering, the qualification is made between vessels that are under 24 meters, and others, regardless of whether Convention ships.

All vessels being enlisted should satisfy certain managerial and specialized prerequisites. Boats being enlisted under development, are needed to give proof of specialized consistency under development as opposed to specialized consistency for activity.

Why Register Grenada?

Accessibility : Regardless of whether you are anyplace we open and offer every minute of everyday responsiveness.

Ownership : Unfamiliar organizations and unfamiliar sea elements having the position to claim ships (counting existing substances) and on favorable terms, might be enrolled as proprietors.

Manning : There is no limitation on the identity of the group acknowledged for administration onboard a ship.

Vessels : All ships and ships under development are acknowledged for enrollment; each on its own legitimacy. Fishing vessels occupied with global fishing may anyway not be enrolled.

Restriction on Vessels : Vessels might be considered for enlistment on their own legitimacy. There is anyway impressive advantage to be had in the enlistment of fresher vessels.

Discounts : A scope of motivations is accessible to ships flying our Flag specifically those keeping a decent security record or utilizing Jamaican Seafarers. Huge traveler ships Home Porting in Grenada may likewise profit by flying the Jamaican Flag.

What type of ships may be registered?

Grenada invites numerous kinds and classes of boats, including business ships, research ships, private boats, ships under development, single journey ships (for conveyance/preliminary). Boats occupied with worldwide fishing or fare of fish items to the USA or Europe, may not be enlisted.

How do we register in Grenada?

Registration in Grenada is a simple three steps

  1. Establish the acceptability of the vessel
    • The agreeableness of the vessel for thought as a Grenadian ship
    • Accessibility of the name wanted for the vessel, albeit this is certainly not essential.
    • The charge to enroll the vessel.
    • Year of work of the Ship
    • Gross tons
    • Type of ship
    • IMO Number
  2. Submission of the Application and Fees
  3. The satisfaction of specialized necessities for enrollment