All vessels working with us are needed to be enrolled. Just enlisted vessels may take part in Local Trade. Nearby Trade is any action wherein the vessel is utilized, to create income (regardless of whether straightforwardly or by implication). Enlistment of a vessel in Grenada credits to it a Grenadian identity. The vessel should then fly the Grenada Flag.

A Small Vessel is any vessel under 24 meters long by and large, paying little mind to development, utilized in any inland or beachfront waters of Grenada. All Small Vessels should be enlisted aside from :

  • Pleasure Craft of not in excess of five meters long in general
  • Delight Craft of not multiple meters, with a motor of not more than 3.73 kW (5 Hp)
  • Vessels not required to be registered
  • Vessels excluded under the Shipping Act, 1998, from enlistment.

For the reasons for enrollment, vessels are considered as :

  1. Pleasure Crafts
  2. Commercial Vessels
  3. Exempt

Absolved vessels are those vessels that have been conceded exception from enrollment by the Minister, under the Shipping Act. Business Vessels are large vessels occupied with the vehicle of individuals or products or other business exercises and remember fishing vessels and vessels for which visitors of inns, motel, and other such organization of housing, are paying or non-paying travelers. Joy Crafts are vessels utilized solely for delight and additionally the vehicle of travelers that are not needed to pay expenses for the help.

Why Register?

  • Produces a Certificate of Registry as proof of title (like a Certificate of Title for a vehicle)
  • Produces a Small Vessel Safety Inspection Certificate (like a Certificate of Fitness for a vehicle)
  • Encourages the Registration of Mortgages where the vessel is security for a home loan
  • Licenses the vessel to participate in business exercises
  • Gives security to vessels working external Jamaican waterfront waters
  • Encourages the cycle of protection of the vessel against harms

Why Registration is Required?

To be enrolled in Grenada, all vessels should fulfill the regulatory and specialized prerequisites of the cycle. This include :

  1. Complete Application for Registration
  2. All records are needed to be Notarized except if seen/guaranteed in Jamaica before a Justice of the Peace.
    1. Application Form
    2. Ownership Declaration
    3. Proof of Eligibility to own a Grenadian Ship
      1. Evidence of Grenadian Nationality
      2. Company documents
        1. Certificate of Incorporation
        2. Notice of Directors
        3. Declaration of Good Standing (if more than one-year-old)
    4. Proof of Ownership
    5. Application for Radio Licence
    6. Declaration of Deletion/De-Registration (if recently enrolled)
    7. Pay the pertinent Fee
  3. Effectively go through an examination for specialized consistence
  4. Being given with the Grenadian Certificates as proof of the culmination of the cycle

How to Register?

The process of registration comprises four simple steps:

  • Get in touch with us for fundamental direction (like the right Fee payable)
  • Present the Application complete with proof of installation of the right Fee to The Registrar of Ships
  • Encourage an investigation of the vessel (for wellbeing and markings as a Jamaican vessel)
  • Capacity of the enlistment records got, installed the vessel.